On behalf of the teachers and staff of East Valley High School, we are pleased to welcome you as an East Valley Panther. You are an important part of a school community with a commitment to excellence.  The East Valley spirit is also evident in its performing arts areas, academics and student leadership. Credit goes to a superb staff, a fine group of students and many involved parents. WELCOME! You are going to love being a Panther! The school Mission Statement is as follows:


Provide an educational program that challenges each student, including at-risk students,

to attain his or her highest academic and character potential through a coordinated Humanities curriculum, an integrated performing and fine arts program, community service and a traditional approach to education.

EVHS provides a well-rounded education including opportunities for interaction and development of individual talents.  Therefore, EVHS will maintain a quality fine arts and performing arts program for the participation of all students.

Please review the information in this handbook.  We hope that you will participate in our Parent Organization and on various committees.  Please feel free to contact us with your suggestion, questions, or concerns.  We look forward to a great year! 

Kathy Tolman                                                                                               John Baker                                                                                                                                 

Executive Director                                                                                       Principal                                                                                                                          

Student Handbook